Wanted! Lume cube or similar.

I’m wanting some lights for night flying. High power for recording, not for photos. So needs to be bright.

Preferably something that will give me the ability to see about 100m in total darkness with a 1/2 inch sensor on 1080, 24fps so I can see it clearly enough to tell colours apart and be able to see someone running.

I know It’s a lot to ask for, but I am willing to take advice and guidance too. Or any other recommendations other than spending thousands on a thermal imaging drone. (I Really want one)

Thank you.

Hi Spider

I think you may get more appropriate assistance if you mention the make/model of drone you want to use it with, as even a LED of that power will be ‘moderately’ heavy. Perhaps search under lights for bikes that can be recharged??

Best of luck

Mike Williams

From experience, having a two LumeCube setup for my Mavic Pro … you won’t get enough light at 100m range for video. 50m would be about the limit, I’d suggest.

Nope - a paid of LumeCubes are only just over 200g … and I’ve lifted a full bottle of beer with ease - and could probably have lifted two.

Found this photo …

That was using x 2 LumeCube at full brightness - and I doubt the monument is more than 25m away, 30m max, the exposure was f/2.2, 1/5sec, ISO:1100 … and you can see the light falloff.

100m would be 1/2^4 as bright (1/16th), so 8secs at same (fixed) aperture and same ISO. Not very video friendly.


Did you take any downward shots of the monument???

Not with the LumeCubes - but I have done in normal daylight.