Wanted M2P battery charger

HI guys am about to buy a 2nd charger for speeding up onsite charging and thought would ask here first before i but off of amazon/hobby mounts

Hi Lee,
Here is the one I got for my Mavic 2 Pro, I also have one of the same make for my Mavic Pro.
Charges all three batteries at once in about an hour and a half.
Hope this helps?.

But, it would only be good for you if you have a mains socket handy?.
Not sure about portable ones.


been looking at this one,

only questions is has it affected life of your batteries.

I have a third party charger for fuji batteries and think it’s killed them quicker than normal

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Not had any adverse effect on my Mavic Pro batteries, some 2 years on.
What about this one?.

And, its portable !.

mostly will have power points as do most flying in or around properties, burned 7 full charges on monday, was on site for 8 hours.

looking at this for location shoots


thanks for advice on 3 way charger will get one oredered

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no worries.

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Interesting lee buth ow do you connect drone batteries which have proprietary connectors? e.g. CrystalSky even with its charger needs an additional cable to connect to a Mavic Pro 2 charger. Unless I’ve read it wrong it only has USB ports which would be OK for Air and a few other drones.

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Well, I would connect a 4 way mains adaptor to it, and basically power whatever I could, being careful not to exceed the output rating.

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