Wanted - Mavic Pro Fan - Urgent

Anyone have a stripped down MP with a spare fan they don’t need?

Would love to be in the air again for Christmas Day when the weather looks like it could be perfect!

It suddenly stopped working.


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Yeah - plenty on Fleabay - mainly from China.

That one’s from USA - which won’t be that quick, especially over Christmas.

Was hoping a member had one lying about.

Can you give me the sizes, voltage Dave?,
I have numerous small fans kicking about, you may be lucky!.
Just found it !, 5 volts 1.8watts…what size?.
Strange, cos Sunon are one of the best fans you can get!

I need the dji original. cba making something work, that may not and it falls from the sky.
If the MP overheats, it just switches off.
One from eBay healing my way … no idea when it will arrive.

Well! That arrived far quicker than I anticipated!

And I was anticipating one from a dismantled MP … not a DJI original part! #Bonus

Now I need to sober up (from yesterday!) so that I can contemplate stripping down the MP and replace it! :scream:



Does that have a DJI part number printed on it somewhere Dave?

Handy for future reference :+1:t2:

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I should add that it cost just £16.80!!

Wander if that fan is the same in the m2p?

Nope - definitely not!

Oh,there’s me thinking i may get one as spare,but just looked,and my mp2 fan is totally different,and in a different place!!!:+1::+1:

MP …

M2 P/Z

yep that’s it,cheers Dave will order one,as i am a little concerned that being at the bottom it may be vulnerable:+1::+1:

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No idea why mine failed … perhaps I’ll find a loose connection when I strip it down. But having seen how totally necessary this is (just flying won’t keep it cool enough!), I’m glad I’ll have a spare.

Definitely I’ll check at home that it’s working before heading out.

I am sure it will be worth testing it when you have removed it,my guess is it is either jammed by crud,or as you say could well be a iffy connection,hopefully then you will have a spare,good luck,i hate to think how long it will take you to strip down the bird,replace and reassemble!!! sounds like a nice little job for boxing day,lol:rofl::rofl:

I doubt that. There’s not a lot of crud in the air.
Now - a laptop fan ….

TOMORROW!!! The weather looks flyable on Christmas Day!

I found with my mp1,i got lots crud in the fan area,found out i should not be taking off from dusty areas,or long grass…Luckily for me,a blast of compressed air,and use of a landing mat,solved it for me:+1:

Ready for tomorrow ….

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Good luck Dave,would be interested to see how long it takes from start to finish?Just so we know what to expect,if we have to do similar,of course it will be different if working on an m2p…

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