[WANTED] - Walksnail Kit Type C USB Cable (V2 VTX to USB-C)

Wanted: Walksnail Kit Type C USB Cable.

I have one, but would like a spare. 'cause I have fat fingers.


Caddix have them direct for $4, Hobbyrc for 7 quid + postage.

If anyone has a spare hanging around. I’ll pay a reasonable price.

Sorry Brendan, for exactly same reason as you, I need to keep mine for spares :slight_smile:
But if you get ‘without’ for any reason shout up. :+1:


Ha not a problem. I mean if I upgrade to moonlight, then problem goes away!

I’ll give it a few days and hobbyrc gets an order!

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Just a thought.

Maybe - but I have two of the V2 an only one cable.

I think i have the gear i can make a few of these for you. Seems simple enough.

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Wow cheers.

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