Warburton Bridge

This toll bridge (costing 12p) crosses the Manchester Ship Canal near Warrington. Short walk along the tow path to find a suitable take off site.


Great pics! Love the cloud reflections in the second pic!

These most definitely get you the Green Fleyer Badge!

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Just down the road from me, I’ll have to pay a visit. Accessed from the north bank?

North Bank. Small track down for duel carriageway, then a short walk up to a pumping station.

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I love the pic. It’s always a pain in the ass to scrape a few coppers together to get past the bridge.

One thing, I notice is that your camera in not aligned with the horizon? Looks like your gimbals calibration may be out of alignment.

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Does an “SG906” have 3 axis gimbal?

Didn’t realise want with Mavic… Small pic on my work screen.

From recollection its a Mavic copy with fixed camera… That said if the picture was taken in a hover, then the camera should be level with the horizon.

It’s not sophisticated as you can only move the camera up and down. But for £71 it’s not a bad picture.

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Mill pond water?

Wind-sheer? :wink: LOL!

Then let’s assume he wasn’t hovering. :ok_hand:

Aliens? Lol

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