Warkworth Castle

Warkworth Castle in Northumberland, looking down the River Coquet towards Amble on the coast.

100th sec, f2.8 alt 58m.


Hi Michael! Welcome to GADC!!

Great first post, too! :+1:

Which drone are you flying?

I fly the Phantom 3 std. Not as often as I would like!

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Ah - yes - ph3 in your user id … I was a tad slow on that one. :wink:

I can relate to that! :blush:

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Thanks for adding yourself to the map, too …. I see you’re WAAAAY up in the NE of England.

(I did realise the photo was. :wink: )

Yes, there a few of us up here. I am spreading the word about GADC. We have some fantastic coastline and loads of castles to film here.


Nice shot!

Scanning down through the topic titles, I misread this one slightly. I read the R as an N, which sounds like a different sort of place entirely and somewhere you might get arrested if you flew a drone around.


Must admit, I did a double take as well.
Must be our minds!