Warning in flight working IMU encouters heading exception

Has anybody had this little number pop up on them yet?

Had it a few times but usually when I’ve added something like a tracker.

Its normally caused by the compass data not agreeing with heading calculated by IMU. It sometimes shows no GPS but that’s because the Mavic sets satellites to zero during an IMU exception as a way of switching to ATTI.

It could also have lost GPS signal as showing 18 satellites but weak signal.

Had you added anything to the mavic? Flew close to or took off from something metallic?

Launched from the same place as I have always done. This seems to be happening a lot recently. I keep getting weak GPS signal even when the drones only a few feet away.

Also nothing has been added to the Mavic.

Have you tried a compass and IMU calibration?

Strongly advise doing this, then completing a test flight after.

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Yes I tried all that. I’ll take it to work with me in the morning and re calibrate again in case it was a naff calibration.

I’ve just checked in the settings and everything is on green and excellent.

Do you always launch from the same spot? Looking at your map I noticed that the roof of the Cracking Racking Company is all corrugated steel, this will cause issues considering your flying over it and putting it between you and the Mavic.

Yes, give or take a few feet. I’ll recalibrate everything and try the same flight at weekend.would the roof cause problems at this height? Take off point is in a bit of a valley so you have to raise the bird high to clear the valley wall. Cheers for your input. :+1:t2:

Funny question. But does it actually fly straight? I had this error and mine curved when it flew. It was a faulty speed controller on the motor which DJI repaired.

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Funny you should say that Smeacham because it doesn’t. I thought is was just my sh1t technique.
Also the gimble seems to float about even in Tripod mode. I’ll do the same flight this weekend and if I have no joy with it I’m slinging it back to Curry’s.:anguished:

My second Mavic used to ‘crab’ something chronic :frowning: That one went back to Argos a few days later!

It’s weird that you have 18 sats AND a weak GPS signal… that doesn’t add up to me?

It was like someone had some sort of anti drone zapper on me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thing is if I send it back now and they give me a new one. do I just flog it unopended and wait for the Mavic 2.:grin:

The MP2 sounds like it’s going to be more expensive. More like the contents of a P4 in a slightly larger (than the MP) folding body.
Fast, tho, in Sport mode … 72kmph. :+1:
If the rumours come to fruition, I may be tempted to trade up.

I don’t think it’s as an actual weak GPS signal, with it being an IMU exception its more likely the FC has decided the data is junk, disregarded it and switched to atti.

If the GPS, compass heading and IMU calculated heading don’t agree it failsafes to atti.

I would have thought a cold IMU and compass calibration might have solved it.
Might be more going on.

Time to take the Bird back to the store. Tried everything, still keep getting this. :weary:

Yeah that’s not good mate :cry:

Get it replaced :+1:

Yup I’ll Take it back tomorrow. I’m Gonna feel a bit of a scrote doing so but hey what can you do. :wink:

I hail from the era that existed before anything/everything got returned for the slightest of reasons (valid or fictitious), and I’m inclined to feel “scrotish”, and sometimes don’t bother.
But a grand’s worth of kit should perform as intended … so go for it!
DJI are making big bucks. Warranty is built into their financial plan.

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