Warning message navigation redundancy

went down to the coast today first hayling island very hazy mavic2 asked to calibrate compass
then drove to Cuckmere Haven near beach head magic 2 asked to calibrate compass
then whilst flying warning message came up navigation redundancy switch and underneath switched to backup IMU screen went black couldn’t see drone then came back online and flew fine for the rest of the battery

The M2 has a dual IMU and single compass.

It sounds like it was having issue with data from the first IMU but seems to have done it’s job.

I’d do an IMU and compass calibration before your next flight.

No idea why the screen would go black at same time unless switching IMU’s resets the vision system.

I’m sure I read the M2 uses camera for navigation like a vision compass.

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Thinking back i remember moving the drone as it was starting up because the grass was a bit long perhaps that confused the IMU .
One thing I seem to have to do a compass calibrationevertime I move location, on both the mavic2 and the mavic air I never used have to do that on the mavic pro, perhaps it because they only have one compass and the pro had two .does anyone else find this to be the case ?

Yes,agree with you there,i have to calibrate the compass virtually every time i fly,and never needed to do so with the mavic platinum…:neutral_face:

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Going to see if i can replicate this by turning the drone as its booting up then hover it a few feet away

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My Air wanted compass calibration every time too. But I was starting it in the boot of the car. Now I move everything away from car and start there. No further problems!

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