Water Tower, Poole

Forgotten I’d made this, month after getting my mini, practising smooth controls and arcing (or whatever the technical term is) around the tower while keeping it centred.

Being a mini, it lost signal on the opposite side to me so glad my fingers didn’t twitch.

A deserted Tower Park complex in the background due to lockdown!


I find water towers and Reserviors really interesting for some reason.

This one is particularly interesting great video thank you.

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Appreciate that, thanks man :wink:

Am sure I’ll fly up there again, and get a bit closer now I’m not so scared of crashing!

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Know that feeling! Got my first flight in a frz next week slightly nervous about it all haha.

I can imagine! Whereabouts you flying?

Good luck :wink:

Chichester in West Sussex the Airport have been awesome to be fair.

Just got to keep my wits about me.

Just having a fly or actually got a project to do?

I remember chatting with a guy who was in Switzerland where I used to holiday and he tried to get permission from the local airfield to fly over a lake I stayed near and he had a nightmare… Just flat out refused him anything!

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It’s a work thing, taking aerial photos of our hospitals for our emergency plans literally only have 4 sites left all of which are in an FRZ. 3 in goodwoods and one in Gatwicks.

I thought Gatwick was going to be a pain but I had a lovely chat with one of the people that deals with permission for drones and was very supportive so hoping to have no real issues.

No holiday’s abroad planned yet but my uncle lives in Portugal (near an Airport) so not sure if I want to take it when I do go next.