Waypoints on Go4 Mavic Pro

Ok, I’m looking at trying out some waypoints but I have a couple of questions

  1. If a waypoint is at a different height to the previous one, does the Mavic climb during the journey or does it get to the waypoint and then adjust the altitude?

  2. Can you get it to pause so you can take a photo from a set waypoint? I’m thinking of using it for time lapse photography for a building project


Not sure about GO4 but the very excellent Litchi is brilliant for just this

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I have to concur with @milkmanchris … I gave up with Go4 for waypoints for so many reasons it’s not worth listing them.

With Litchi you can create/plan as many missions as you have patience to create from your laptop (no need to be wasting phone/RC/drone batteries), and they appear in the app on your mobile device.

You can create them on the mobile device, too … but on a normal mobile device sized screen it’s a bit of a fiddle, and a couple of useful functions available on the web version on your computer aren’t available in the mobile app.

Missions you’ve created on the laptop can be easily tweaked in the mobile app, where needed (an unexpected lighthouse/tree in my case), when you get to site - and saved back to the server,

And if you need to use one another day - they are there to use.

It’s far more powerful, far more features than Go4 … so it takes a bit more time to master but, even though I’m very much at the learning phase, I just wouldn’t ever bother with waypoints in the Go4 app.

I did buy Litchi for my P3S but my tablet didn’t like it…

I find myself using Litchi more than GO4 now, the only thing I really miss is the ability to view media as you have taken it.

Its got a great community and loads of fans on youtube for tutorials etc.

I use it on IOS and have had no issues at all with it, its just a bit different from GO, but I think that is because that is what we all use out of the box.


Still being at the learning stage, I find it a very interesting psychological challenge allowing things to happen when VLOS is “temporarily” obscured. ;p

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Not sure what you mean officer, it was only a mile or so away.


I wasn’t flying it.

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