We need more of this

I posted the link here in response to an inquiry from @spook57 re legal flying near Barry, Glamorgan.

What struck me was the specific help offered by Jamie Harburn, Air Traffic Controller, Serco ATC, MoD St Athan to enable pilots to fly safely and legally, even giving a phone number. A positive encouragement for once.

I emailed my local ATC well over a month ago to see if there was any possibility of flying at pre-agreed times as my local airport is not any longer commercial as such and just has helicopters and small privately owned aircraft which fly rarely but randomly. Not even the courtesy of a reply acknowledging receipt or simply saying no.

I note that the CAA suggest contacting them if there is difficulty contacting local ATCs. The above link shows that there are some authorities at least attempting to be helpful.to drone flyers rather than demonising them. The CAA are supposed to be helping to monitor drone flying safety so it would seem sensible for them to encourage better relationships between the drone community and ATCs and other authorities.

I will have a go at my local ATC again and also through the CAA see what they say.

Anyone else have a good connection with a local ATC or authority that is helpful? Maybe we could compile a list if there are any?

I put a request in via e-mail with East Midlands yesterday for a flight on new years day, they phoned me 10 minutes later with an authorisation number. They are very helpful, Blackpool, and Warton are the same, very helpful.


Sadly the few ATC’s I’ve tried to contact using their ‘contact us’ section never bother to respond. Whereas a simple phone call (if I can find a number) always works and has only ever been positive.

But I do believe they should be obliged to respond, as you say even if it’s a no. Next time I try a local one via email and they don’t respond then I’m going to consider dropping the CAA a note to detail this. It may, or may not, achieve anything.

Love that my local rag has this article though :smiley:

EDIT: I should add, Cardiff ATC have responded positively via eMail to me re a flight down bby an old lime kiln that sits on the very outskirts of their NFZ. But not on St Athan’s though if it were daytime I’d call them just out of courtesy as well.

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