Web cam image

Morecambe has 2 web cams (that i know of) on the prom looking out across the bay.




I thought it may be fun to capture the mini 3 pro on one so went to do just that, i got the web cam up on my phone then flew the M3p infront of it and took a screen grab of my phone.

The drone is just to the right of the lamppost on the left, yes that little dot. :rofl::rofl:


Should have flown up close for an eye-to-eye.


Hehe that’s cool. Count as technical assistance for VLOS or orientation? :rofl::rofl:

Not 100% sure where the camera is, and it may be in someone’s window, so definitely don’t want to be accused of being a peeping tom. :rofl::rofl:

Watch the webcam live and use that to fly the drone.


The cameras are on commercial roofs around the slotties at the top of Euston road. They gave me the idea for my suggestion of an RTF competition I posted a while ago, watching me watching you.

Not that one it’s not. it’s some where here

From street view

They’ve been moved since I last checked them, they used to be t’other side of the clock tower.

The other one i listed seems to be above costa coffee near where you said.

“Eden View”, can’t beat a good bandwagon to jump on.