Wedding cake make

Hi all,

For anyone who takes an interest in 3D printing I was approached by a friend to do an Eiffel tower wedding cake design. They got engaged in Paris and asked if I could 3D print the Eiffel Tower and I thought feck it, why not! My wifes making the wedding cake too.

I’m so pleased with how it came out I thought I’d share it. Printed in 52 pieces and glued together with gorilla glue. Thingiverse was helpful for inspiration too. Once the cakes on itll be almost 1m tall. I plan to wrap some small battery powered wire lights around it. It should look amazing!

3ds max viewport grab of the full design

All the parts!

Final build (withought the cakes)


Amazing, good work :+1: How many printing hours?


All in it was a shade over 68 hours. Printed at 0.3 layer height at 50mm/s and in PLA+ for extra longevity and strength. There will be three tiers, two where the silver tins are and a third small one on top of the second platform.

They’ve also asked me to do the wedding photos so I will be taking the drone! Can’t wait!

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Get them mass printed and get them on ebay and Etsy. Popular proposal spot and would make popular wedding cake designs too. :+1:

Tempting. They sent me this…which is over £1000!

Go for it! Anything with WEDDING in the title adds an extra zero to the price. could be a good money spinner for you. :+1:

My wife and i are tempted to go in to business on this basis! :sweat_smile:

LOL my wife would be all over it! thats why I’ve not purchased a 3D printer :face_with_peeking_eye: :joy:

Wishing wells, specifically wishing well post boxes for wedding cards would be another popular one.

We bought a wooden laser cut one for stupid money a couple years ago.

Absolutely! :+1: :grinning:

Unless its photographer then anyone with a DSLR will go work for a couple of hundred quid ;o(