Wedding in Italy

How to miss the opportunity to fly at my sister in law wedding?


Great flying !!

Bet you were tempted to go through the O in LOVE :joy:

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Some brilliant skills on display there.

And what a beautiful setting for a wedding.

What drone did you shoot this with?


Thanks! It’s a GepRc CineLog25 on its 3rd flight. I went there a few hours earlier to fly a couple of batteries, get used to the location (very tight) and deal with the light cables in mid-air.
Shot with a naked GoPro 8 Black.

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It takes a lot for me to put the spoon down eating breakfast - great work.

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You navigated it really well and the footage was very well put together.
Super impressed and seriously considering something like the Cinelog 25 for my next purchase.

Thanks for sharing!

I think it’s the GoPro’s Hypersmooth that is the key factor here, looks really good :clap::clap:

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It’s actually ReelSteady that removes vibrations, but the qwad doesn’t fly by itself :sunglasses:

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Apologies, no intention to dismiss your flying skills, only commenting on camera capabilities in this day and age.
:grinning: Steve

Whereabouts in my favourite country was this?

I’m thinking moderately north in the country? … architechture/trees.

@Steviegeek I was joking, this is far away to be perfect. It’s been my first time flying in a “live” event :sweat_smile:

@OzoneVibe we were in the north: Google Maps

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I need to get back to Italy for a few months, again. My home cooked Italian food ain’t bad … but that only goes so far.