Weight of filters

I fitted a uv filter to my Mavic Pro but I kept getting overload messages.
Is this normal.
Will a recalibrate sort it out.

I had a similar issue with whichever filters I had initially, but the ones I have now seem ok (rarely use).
Since I can’t remember the name of either (I’m away from home) this info isn’t really all that helpful, though. LOL.

No it’s helpful, it shows there is a solution. Thanks.

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I’ve had the overload message before but that was due to the way I put the filter on so the camera had jammed, I brought it back down and noticed my error. Oops.

Thanks unfortunately not the case here, the filter slides on with the tab at the bottom. Only way it can go.

Okey dokey, no worries mine just clip over the lense.

What brand are your filters @Maxpower ?

Sounds like they’re failing the power-on calibration checks.

I have the same type of filters that clip on the camera, mine are Sunnylife, I got them as a set of 6. I have had no issues with them at all, no overload messages.

Yes, they are the ones, mind you I had a real problem to get it to slide in fully.

Yeah you need to hold the camera quite firmly to get them on and off, they are certainly not going to fall off.

The ones I got for my Osmo Pocket are magnetic so they just slip on to the front of the camera. You can also put one filter over the other, so you could put a UV over the top of an NDwhich is quite cool.

I had the Osmo fitted to the front of my mobility scooter and went over some pretty bumps and terrain getting up to the top of Hengistbury Head and the filter didn,t fall off.

I have a set by PGYtech and never experienced problems with them.

I normally have the camera clamp in place when fitting the filter, helps me to push the filter into place.

Mine weren’t expensive, you may want to replace yours if it keeps putting stress on the gimbal.

Thanks Tassy.

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