Weird looking wood lathe extraction modification

So I have an extraction pipe set into a back panel mounted on a track to enable best positioning but to do smaller turnings I need an extension, also when the sanding disc is in use I need to catch the dust at source.
Following a bit of head scratching I came up with this shape/design/thing that can be rotated to suit the job in hand.
Tonight’s dry run test has proved it to work better than I had hoped but it does look soooooooo funny!
Is it just me or does it look like something right out of Dr Who? LOL
I will need to name this contraption…any suggestions???


ET, not only does it look like it should be phoning home but it can stand for Extraction Terminal.
Good work though :clap: :clap:

Isaac ?

(From I-Suck or Eye-Suck.)

That’s the one!!!
From now on the ‘thing’ will be known as Isaac. Haaaaaa
Isaac has now been fixed together properly and had it’s first coat of paint. I will post a photo when completed.

Hold on, I was only just getting started:

Tri-Lo-BITE ( Tri-Lobal Independant Tube Extractor )

SANDES ( Superior Alternative Nozzle Dust Extraction System )

When you’ve dropped some little thing down it and it’s been sucked off into oblivion, you’ll find a lot more names for it! :laughing:

I’ve already used most of those names on several occasions. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Nearly complete just need to make a round red nose now! :smile: