Wells-next-the-sea Time-lapse

ok while i was out at wells the other month waiting for @chrisjohnbaker i had a mess with a time-lapse app i bought for my sony a6500
The reason for the delay is finding a suitable programme that could do the stitching together
i had tried FCPX and DeVinci but they where a pain to set up and produce even with tutorials i also tried to make in Lightroom
so if you have an inkling for Time-lapse and have a Mac the try time laps assembler
put all the photos you want in your timbals in a folder direct the programme to it and hey presto
Have yet to try on the Mavic yet
post process in FCPX added the music and stitched the 3 videos together took about 15 mins all told


Zeitraffer is your friend ;o)

Will give it a try thanks Chris
Most that I could find where for windows

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Yeah I had the same problem a few years ago compiling GoPro time lapses, found this little gem, also allows you to upscale and downscale and choose the output file, even better its free.

The one I used is too and all the same functionality and Free :+1:

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Great Timelapse Jeff, love the last few seconds, as you can see the boat drop, due to the tide going out !.
Would love to time lapse there as the tide is coming in, going out.
Must try it one day !

Thanks Chris
I sat on the quay wall after breakfast waiting for you to arrive set for every 5seconds
I will give it a try with the Mavic
On the Sony app you tell it how many seconds between each photo and how many shots and set up your shot /lenses and it tells you how long it will take
It does drain the battery all three shots used 1 battery up 360 ish shots each must say it filled up the memory card :grinning:

That is very good! I might have to try this.

Never had problems using Premiere or Davinci Resolve for time-lapse.

This was in Premiere … took just a few seconds.

Likewise … drag’n’drop images into Resolve

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Not tried time with Resolve yet but Premiere was a breeze.

Create new bin, import photos with sequential file names selected and your done.

Might give Resolve a try later.

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Completely the same in Resolve.
Can’t recall if, in either, one has to set the default duration for a image - or if that only applies to single image import.

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Never done it with image files with a date format name. Perhaps this wouldn’t be seen as “sequential”.
But changing default image duration to 1 frame should enable them to be added in bulk and dragged to the timeline.

Edit: Could always use a file-renaming app to give them a sequence.

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I’m pretty sure with Premiere it recognises date/time format as a sequence and creates the video at frame rate of your project settings.

You can change the fps of sequence after creating.

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Had the issue of getting the frames to work properly
For me the rout I’ve taken is easy
Correct all the photos in lightroom adjustments easy to all photos and then stitch together
Unfortunately I don’t have premiere and DaVinci would drop some frames every time I used it plus getting the photos to play at 24 frames per second once imported
So I’ve been through them all and found this route easiest for me

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The second one above was over 5000 photos … no frame drops.

Set the project to 24fps … and it automatically imports at that speed.
… not that I’d ever use such a slow frame speed. 30fps minimum.