West Green House near Hartley Wintney north Hampshire


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I painted the signs for then gardens when they first opened back in the early 90’s… I was still at school back then. I remembered hearing about the IRA bombing, that took place, luckily just after McAlpine had recently moved out…

Anyway I painted 10 of the signs, simple wooden boards with “Gardens Open” in black on a yellow background… However the job was originally given to my Dad, who worked for R.W. Groves in Hound Green Close, Mattingley, but he just didn’t have the patience for it… I got paid £10 for the lot and never even got free entry to see the gardens, in fact I’ve never visited them… We moved out of Hound Green in 2000 to live in Hook… I have walked around that area many, many times and often thought I should visit the gardens one day.

If you look on Drone Scene, it is marked as National Trust. However back in 1993, after the bombing and after the National Trust did some minor repairs to the house, they sold it off to a Marylyn Abbott. who purchased the 99 year lease from them and since then, after restoring the interior of house and the gardens, it has been run as a private concern, with the National Trust relinquishing all financial and day to day involvement with the estate… Marylyn Abbott was the Former marketing and tourism manager of the Sydney Opera House,.

I did think about flying my Mini 2 over the house and gardens last year, but never did… My Dad did some work in the house back when McAlpine was living there, Dad was a painter decorator.My Mum worked as a cook in West Green for over 53 years at Edlinton Lodge, for Colonel Crichton and his family and my two brothers and myself, had great fun in the house and gardens at weekends and in the summer. So I have some great memories of West Green and the surrounding area… Oh if only l had my Mini 2 back in my late teens… There were few, if any for such things back in those days.


The only time I have been to WGH was in fact following the IRA bombing, I was part of the forensic team examining the aftermath.

I did several videos of WGH the other day…one of them captures a staff member walking towards me to ask if I was casing the joint!
He was pleasant enough and was quite impressed with the ability of the drone.