West Kennett Long Barrow & Silbury Hill - Neolithic

Some photos taken on the same day as my trip to Stonehenge & Avebury. Note Silbury Hill in the background.


Great shots Richard :+1:t2:

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Steve lol. Thank you for the comment. Much appreciated.

Sorry, I thought you were Richard White :slight_smile:


No problem at all Rich.

Stunning images Steve well done

I ran down that hill drunk back in the 80s at about 3am … must go back there one day!

Great photos.

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Can we film it by drone if you do @pross? :smiley:

lol i wont be running down that hill again, nearly broke my neck!! Its only an hour away i have no excuse not to go there with my drone too.

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:scream::man_facepalming:t4::rofl: the return of :exploding_head:

Great shots, lovely colour :ok_hand:

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Thanks Steve. It was a lovely morning.

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