West York's newbie in need of help 🙂

Hi everyone.
I’ve just bought my first drone. Its a dji mavic mini. I’m not entirely sure about where i can fly.
I’m using the dji website to view the no fly zones and a app called Drone assist by NATS.
I live in westyorkshire so I’m not close to any coasts. Could someone advise futher?

Have a look at dronescene

Welcome by the way, I’m over near Selby, where in the West Riding are you ?

Thanks and I’m over westyorkshire Dewsbury Wf12 area.
I’ve got permission to fly over the eastcoast and blackpool near the tower, but I don’t fancy a 2 hours or so drive everytime I want to fly a drone.

Head down the Calder or the Canal ?

Good idea. So as long as I’m 50metres above people shouldn’t be a issue?

Just follow the code ;o)


NFZ’s aside, my idea is drive/ cycle around, look for suitable places. Walk across possible sites to decide if suitable. Drone in rucksack, you’re just a walker. Be prepared not to fly today If unsuitable. Eventually you’ll find a favourite! Also take care not to obstruct farm gates etc when parking. Happy flying :+1:

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There’s loads of interesting places to fly around your area, have you got the settings correct on the NATs app so that you aren’t showing upper airspace, otherwise nearly everything will look like a NFZ. The canal area is great and there’s plenty of old mining areas. The railway sidings near Ossett would make an interesting video, edited and set to music. Just remember to keep within the drone code when over railway property. You co7ld possibly get some old photographs which are freely available showing the mines and railways, then combine your own shots to show how things have changed over history. Here’s one from 1956 and 2020, Just a couple of ideas to get you going


You’re in West Yorkshire! You’ve got the whole of the Yorkshire Dales to fly in (Except the NFZs)! It’s stunning countryside, and some amazing places!

Get out there, man!

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I think you southern people forget how big Yorkshire is, its well over an hours drive from Dewsbury even to the start of the Dales national park ;o)


As far as I’m aware yorkshire dales is a nfz. Most land is privately owned also.

I wouldn’t get tied up with that, it’s the case for the whole of the country, someone somewhere owns it. I’ve even got a little bit (well the bank has, but you know what I mean).


My wife was born in Pontefract, and we tend to visit the Dales/Barnsley/York etc every year.
This will be my first year with a drone (hopefully, we’re meant to be going for a fortnight at the beginning of August!)
Can’t wait to get ALL THE FOOTAGE! :joy:

Welcome @moaky
Castle Hill, Huddersfield just down the road from you.
Nice spot Up there.
Loads of places not too far away.
Or pop over to sunny Halifax.
Always happy to meet up mate

Ponte-Carlo and Cas-Vegas.

Had some proper nights down there.

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You can’t beat a night out in cas-a-vegas.

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Sounds good pal. Just waiting for weather. I’m going to a bmfa registered club in brighouse to have a look around tomorrow and fly.
I will message you my contact details and will meet up👍