Nicely done.

Do they still stand the dead up at bus stops in Weston to make it look busy?

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This adds the Coastal Flyer Badge to your profile! :+1:

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Nice and slow and a lovely edit Shane

Pretty much lol .

Thanks .
All my settings were wrong and took ages to render in FCPX .
Live and learn as they say n.

How can i get rid of the flickering .
You can notice it when i pan along the pier legs ?

You’ve rendered in 30fps … was it actually recorded in 30fps?

Yes 30fps . It was shot in 4k and also render down to 1080p

Which 4k setting? 4096x2160 or 3840x2160?

First one

That’s only available in 24fps … and probably the reason you’re getting that flicker.

Ok . What should my settings be .
Thanks for the help .

If you want 4k @ 30fps, use 30fps option on the other one


I would prefer to film in 2.7k as less rendering time .

I seem to recall you have the 60fps rate option @ 2.7k, too.

Will give that a go on the next flight .
Thanks for the advice ,

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Would this be a good option ?

I just checked - only 24/30fps @ 2.7k

30fps @ 2.7k is what I use most of the time.

I will go with that in future . .
Thanks .
I have been flying a few years with the Advanced and never had the flicker issue at all .
Just a learning curve and help like yours .