Westward HO! North Devon

A mix of Drone shots and a couple of shots taken with my DJI Osmo Mobile 3. Edited with snapseed.

Also throwing in a quick dronie just to claim my dronie badge lol

As you can see from the video it was extremely windy. I was really impressed with how the Mavic Air 2 handled the wind. Never got a single wind warning yet the drone was hovering at an angle in the wind, also the gimbal done an absolutely fantastic job of keeping my horizon level even though the drone was being blown all over the place.


Went there when I was 8, swam in the rock pool with my new snorkel :grinning:

Saw an eel and never went back in :scream:

Far to cold for swimming today lol although the surfers and kite surfers was out :+1:t2: they were just to far out to get the drone over to them because of the wind.


No flying today, not that there is anything worth photographing in the park anyways lol and if there was I’d of just took off from the foreshore that runs along side it and flew over but other than the golf course there’s nothing there just flat green land. So wasn’t worth unpacking the drone anyways lol

Did capture this on the beach though


Excellent pictures

Thank you :grin:

Absolutely stunning pictures well done

Some cracking shots there Deano :clap:t2: Looks like you’re having a fun time down there mate :smiley:

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Cheers buddy, haven’t done as much flying as I’d of liked though.

Yeah man, much needed break that’s for sure :+1:t2:

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Plenty fly from the park anyway.

I am building 14 bungalows in WH on one of my sites. So I will often be flying in the town.

Nice area.

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Certainly is, only managed a couple of good days weather wise and with it being November I’m pretty pleased with that lol

We stayed in the newish looking estate at the top end of WH. Next to the golf course. Greenway Drive. Upside-down houses lol living space upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms downstairs.

My site is on the same main road, but the other side of the golf course.

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