Westwood Park in Little Chalfont

During a great meetup, one of my first drone photos ever was this pano. Mavic 2 Pro did all the heavy lifting to be fair. Thought I’d share as it was my first, and cuz it was a great day weather and company wise :smiley:


Nice one Nigel. You are right weather and company was great. Love the pano

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Nice pano, better than my first attempt, what height were you flying at when taking the pano, the higher you go the more you will get in the pano, I usually go up to about 80m.

I think I was at about 60m. I don’t go too high or you loose a lot of the stuff that’s reasonably close. Depends what you’re going for, for me 60m has the best combo. I did get up to 120m, but VLOS is only technical at that point :laughing:

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