Wet mini2 but not river

hi guys ladies

I lost my mini2 but recovered it by Airdata and dji app

it was on a roof for a week and little wet I dried it out on rad and turned on and let battery get hot to dry it out inside

does any one know the stickers which brake if water damage are located

Do you have Care Refresh? I’d just get a replacement if possible.

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A week!!! What’s the story there?

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I hope you took the battery out before you put it on the rad? :grimacing:

Get some of those silva bead packs from Amazon put them inside the battery case and leave it for a while that will suck out the moisture.

I have a couple of these in my 3d printer filament box. Keeps it well dry

Don’t turn it on until it’s completely dry. Then if all else fails.
DJI care refresh.

I, personally, would have spoken to DJI and sent it back on the refresh. But obviously just in case you never took it out. Do the above.

it was on roof for a week because lost signal from controller and did not RTH

and ended on roof which I found with Airdata and dri logs

it has dried out now and seems ok

Was the home point set ? Because even with no signal it will return home, unless you ran the battery to zip

it was set but some error code kept coming up with no signal and it seem to cancelling out RTH

Out of interest, where were you headed with that line of thought? Were you planning on replacing them?

Do modern DJI drones even have these? :thinking: :thinking:

WELL as I understand if they have broken I would have to send to dji on care refresh

but I think stickers are ok it was a little wet and damp

Oh right, you were just going to use them to check the level / severity of potential water ingress?


I think if it would have landed in river or pond they would have broken

Ahhh, ok.

That’s a shame…

I thought you were planning on replacing them, I was about to pull up a chair and pay attention :slight_smile:

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But I’m still not sure DJI even use these?

So, for the sake of argument, that happened on a Monday, and you managed to retrieve it 7 days later?

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Can you share the AirData ?


Perhaps he may have needed to borrow a ladder 🪜

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I second that.

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My money is on a landing far from home. Happy to be wrong.

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Battery low me thinks


yes m8 it was on a roof at a angle with pointing up 45 degrees and got air data and dji flight records and found It I was one house away

and also got flight record

I did not know but you lose signal from controller it hovers at 50 meters for a few seconds

a code came up which was 121028 and another 300???

which was a RTH cancel because of lost signal