We've a new Members Only category

Hi everyone,

We’ve just added a new ‘Members Only’ category to the forum for you :grimacing:

The content in the Members Only category is only available to our members - in fact, the category itself isn’t even visible to people who are not members.

Got something you only want to share or discuss with other members? Want to be safe in the knowledge what you say won’t be visible to the entire world or indexed by Google et al? This is the place for it :slight_smile:

We’ve moved a couple of old threads over there already, such as our Operators Checklist to get things going. We’ve also moved some of our unique downloads and links there too, in order to protect our bandwidth a bit.

Best of all though, we are kicking off the new category with news of an exclusive new deal that we’ve stuck with the guys over at Airdata UAV :+1:

Grey Arrows Drone Club members can now get a discount on any Airdata UAV plan - at any time! No more hanging around for those Black Friday deals! Full details of the discount and how to obtain it are in this thread.

We’re currently also speaking to a handful of other drone and accessory providers in order to try and get you some more exclusive discounts. We were hoping to launch this new category with more deals and offers for you, but these things take time.

Please let us know who you buy from on a regular basis and we’ll open some discussions with them too!


We’ve just announced a new deal with Flytron.com today :+1:

Full details in the #members-only category :slight_smile:

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Another new GADC members exclusive deal has just been struck!

This time with drone racing and FPV specialists, Quadcopters.co.uk :+1:

Full details in the #members-only category :slight_smile:

Stay tuned, we’re still talking to potential suppliers and partners, more news in the next few days.

Let us know who you purchase drone goodies from and we’ll reach out to them too!

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New deal time again :+1:

Titan Drones Inc this time!

See the #members-only category for full details :smiley:

I’m holding fire for the 90% off iOS devices deal …

I hope you’re not holding your breath on that one too :rofl:

Tim Cook isn’t answering my calls for some reason… :cry:

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Time for another GADC exclusive deal!

Hot on the heels of the recent Titan Drones Inc. offering, we’re pleased to announce a new deal with antenna mod heroes, MaxxUAV (UK).

As per usual, see the #members-only category for full details :+1:

We have yet another exclusive discount deal for GADC members!

UAV Gear (.co.uk) are offering members a very generously discount.

Check out the #members-only category for more info :smiley:

Hi, quite new on here but been busy working. I can’t seem to access the Members only section although I am a member. Can you shed any light on this? Many thanks, Ron.

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Hi Ron,

The club has several levels of Membership - depending on the individual’s activity on the forum.

The Membership Levels section of the FAQ will give you the low-down on this.

Whilst you have been a member on the forum for some months, lack of activity means that you are still at “Basic Member” level … and to access the “Members Only” category one needs to be a “Full Member”.

I hope this explains the situation.