What accessories should I get for my Air 2?

What are your can’t live without accessories?

I guess either for the drone or in any post production?

Or maybe the drone is enough?

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The air 2 combo is pretty stacked, when I say stacked it already comes with ND filters. Which would be the only assessory I suggest. Maybe a strobon to aid VLOS.

A good pair of sunglasses and a flask/travel mug.


Yeah I don’t use any accessories with my Mavic Air 2 everything that came in the Fly more combo is spot on. Like @milkmanchris said some nice non polarized sunglasses (so you can still see your phone screen) and a nice hot/cold flask :ok_hand:t2:


Landing pad, (not yellow) inside joke

We were playing with RTH with Ians air 2 and it kept refusing to land on my yellow landing pad.

Dont ask me lol, gone Drone Happy lol

Mine dose not like orange lol

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