What Bind'n'Fly 5" quad is best buy for a FPV beginner


One of our members, Eugene is asking advice on what ready built 5" quad he ought to get.
He currently flies ready-built toy-hobby craft from the likes of Banggood etc. We were talking at the field the other day and suggesting for the amount of money he was spending on these he would be better off getting a more robust 5" (he does already have a DJI Mini and way back in his youth he flew heli’s for a while)

He’ll need to get a ‘proper’ TX so I’m suggesting a ZORRO or Jumper T-Lite running ELRS, cheap option for decent range.

There’s plenty of ready-builts but not many in stock,
HobbyRC do have an iFlight Titan XL5 (4S) in stock ATM.

I don’t have much experience with ready-builts but I know you guys do, :smile: so any advice would be really appreciated, maybe you’ve even got an old one that is up for sale ?

I can help him with an RX and setting it up, also thinking the EV800DM box goggles would suit him.

What do you reckon guys ? :thinking: :thinking:

Yeah, UnmannedTech have that as well… the only 5" they have. They have 4S and 6S version.

YourFPV have the GEPRC Mark 5, 6S, which I remember JB recommending. This is Analog and has ELRS, so may be ideal. Edit: ELRS out of stock, the have TBS CRSF though… easy enough to change RX if needed.

They also have the Diatone Roma F5, which JB also recommends…I have the Diatone F4 which I love to bits. (They only have DJI though)


Im bringing my hard hat next time

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Zorro great radio (battery life aside). No idea on the quad really, not bought a 5inch from scratch

Goggles, well I’m v happy with my cobra x, but the EV800’s I had (and still have, need to sell them), a set!

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I thought the EV800D were preferable to the EV800DM, but just checking a review…

EV800D is preferable if you want to have the display as a monitor in the future. The DM can’t do this.

EV800DM appears to be better for glasses wearers.

V2 looks great. I’d get the 4in1 and an external ELRS module though as the internal module has limited power output.

JBs recommendations on 5" quads…

cheeky git

I second Zorro and the Cobra X…

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[quote=“Steviegeek, post:1, topic:51953”]
EV800DM box

Are you short sighted or long sighted @crapflyer

Forgot to mention, It will need a GPS as I’m pretty sure we’ll be needing a reak RTH (INAV no doubt)

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How much is he looking to spend? And is he willing to take a chance on ebay? Ive found this Nazgul 5 V2 6S analogue pnp (needs receiver). Says its brand new unopened. Plus 3 new lipos for £220

Thats quite a deal, though I’m confused as to why they didn’t just open the box to show us, even with dated stuff! Strange!

Yeah, it’s not like they come in sealed boxes?

As for suggestions, I’ve been very happy with my iFlight Nazgul Evoque analogue F5X & I know a couple of other guys who also use them quite happily.


thanks mate, yes i sore it on ebay but for this month have bills to pay so around end of september

thanks Yith. yes seen it on Youtube. but have to wait a bit bills to pay

Continuing the discussion from What Bind'n'Fly 5" quad is best buy for a FPV beginner: thank you all for your help and guidance showing wify so o think she’s getting the drift of what’s coming next.

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