What colour settings do I need to cure this?

Changed my firmware recently, lost all my camera settings.

Anyone know what I need to adjust to get some real-world colours back in to this?

The greens look “too green”?

Sun was very (very) low in the sky, you can tell by the length of the shadows.

Click image for hi-res version:

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Another example, here’s what the camera took:

And here’s how I think it should have looked (this was after editing the RAW in Lightroom):

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I was set to:

+1 -1 0

White balance was Sunny

Can’t remember the other settings :blush:

But recommendation please??

I thought I had them all written down from the last firmware upgrade I did. Clearly not :blush:

What was your colour profile set to? I normally use D-Cinelike and get pleasing results when using sharpness + 1, contrast 0 and saturation 0.

Might be the default colour profile is over saturating?

Probably ‘Normal’, I don’t recall ever having changed that one. Don’t quote me on that though :slight_smile:

If relevant, my videos seem to be as overly saturated at the photos I’ve posted above.

What settings do others use? Interested to see the differences!

Mavic Pro Best Camera Settings | Real Advice From Real Experts

@PingSpike I think you could FF to 7.08 Which Is I think might be what you asking In this thread.

Thanks Ray!

The only problem I have with YouTube vids is that for every video that tells you to use XYZ settings, there’s another video that tells you to use ABC settings :roll_eyes:

My test flight the other day was really hampered by the wind. Hoping to get out tomorrow and spend some time with settings adjustment :+1:

I fully understand your views @PingSpike on YouTube , Though as the guy said in this Clip or Movie he took the time to look at 60+ Youtube Video before he complied his own. Just wrap up warm and enjoy the shoot. :crossed_fingers:

I’d drop the saturation by trying +1,-1,-1 or even +1, -1, -2.

Your photos look like normal or vivid profile, while your edit is something I’d expect to see in d-cinelike, might be worth trying that.

Personally I use d-cinelike +1,-1,-1 and colour grade in post.

If I don’t want to colour grade I use normal, +1, 0, 0

You’ve checked the Exif data to ensure there wasn’t an exposure adjustment accidentally applied ?
(Can I have a £ for each time I’ve accidentally caught the right wheel, please?)

Update, with good news :smiley:

Colour profile was way off the mark, I changed it to D-Cinelike and here’s the (un-edited!) result:

Much calmer now!!

Thanks everyone, I can tweak it a bit with the custom settings now :smiley: