What do I need to bring to my GVC / PfCO flight assessment?

Evening all,

I’m aware that when taking the GVC/PfCO flight assessment that I’ll need to bring along a few bits and pieces (aside from a drone)… cones, fire blanket etc.

Can anyone let me know what the full list of ‘bits & pieces’ are and if it’s possible to buy all this stuff as a bundle from somewhere?

I’ve got my virtual GVC classroom session booked with UAVHUB on Monday 28th September, so maybe I’m jumping the gun a bit here.



Hi Ned
Good luck with that buddy :ok_hand:I’m sure the guys you’re doing GVC/pfco do a safety bundle ( hard hat cones extinguisher first aid etc ) I think it’s about £180 for everything :ok_hand:

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When I did mine recently, the training school I used provided (in advance) a thorough briefing about what was expected in the flight test- including the expected safety equipment. They provided this early on (basically at start of course) so there was plenty time to get the required kit.

That said, it’s not difficult to obtain what you need. My safety kit includes fire blanket and LiPO extinguisher, anemometer, cones and landing pad(s), decent first aid kit and some other bits and bobs. An hour or so on Amazon will locate pretty much everything and it’ll all be nicely delivered to your door in a day or two (although the bigger landing pads- i.e. over 75cm- are not so easy to get). You might want to think about other oddball stuff- I also have a spare pair of glasses, sun(over)glasses, a bottle of sunscreen (I burn easily) and a hat with a visor in my kit.

I also have a natty little trolley for hauling it all around- I had the trolley already as I do quite a lot of training delivery- if you’re parked a bit away from your vehicle you’ll find there’s quite a lot of stuff to carry about. Or you might use something like a photographic rucksack- I have one where I can get the drone, batteries, controller, anemometer and first aid kit inside, and it has loops on the outside which things like landing pads can be suspended from.


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Barrier tape, warning signs (cable ties/string for putting signs up), hi vis, take the landing pad but I don’t think it’s a requirement (my examiner doesn’t like them) compass so you know which way is north (this is in case of a fly away you can tell authorities which direction it was headed.
A small folding table for setting up on is useful.

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