What do you use as a lauch / land pad

After struggling to find a take off spot in a field, I have made this contraption. Testing will commence when the rain ceases.


Interesting idea, I like it

Good luck landing on it😉


Yeah. Hadn’t thought of that bit yet

I use a landing pad that’s about a 1m circle if I’m taking off from grass, otherwise I end up with an FPV camera covered in it.


Yeah. I’m getting bored cos the weather. So I made it. I have a few days off work as I have holiday to use up. And it’s raining!

What about this…

Yeah saw that. Might have a go at modding it for my ground spike and bottom lipo. Looks groovy!

Why not just hand launch/hand catch?

It’ll probably chop my fingers off. There isn’t any gps hold on it.

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I use a carpet square


That’s a bloody good idea! It’s heavy so will flatten grass.
Admins, if you think it’s worth it, can you change the thread title to something like “What do you use as a lauch / land pad”

Done :+1:

Cheers man. No one will add now lol.


Rubber car mat works even better and seen as I mainly have the car with me when I’m out ;o)

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When I had the Spark I used one of these a few times in the long grass.
The P4 and P4P would just fit on it as well, easier to hand catch though :smiley:

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Nice. I tested mine tonight. I had to calibrate the gyro on my bag cos the spike wobbles forever. But the launch worked fantastic.


How about strapping the metal spike to a wooden pole, or make another.

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It’s a work in progress. At the moment, it’s easy to carry. And it works a bloody treat! If I were to improve it, a tripod type of affair, I think, may fair better.

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Try one of those tables, the leg comes in two and clips in the underside for storage.