What documents should I carry with me when flying?

Hi all…think I got the right category this time !
I am in the proccess of printing out some documents to carry with me ie CAA rules/guidelines etc and wondered if anyone had any links or thoughts on what I should carry ? I just want to be prepped if someone takes a dislike to my being there.
I also bought an id badge from evilbay today to carry around…I am not normally a badge lover but thought these were quite good with operator id and flight id on them as so if the police were ever to stop and ask questions etc everything is in 1 place and looks proffesional.
I will try paste a link as so anyone else interested can see.

It also donates some to charity which I am a great believer in.

Thank you again everyone that is on here and activly helping me and others.


I normally carry my caa email with registration and flier ID, copy of drone code and copy of my liability insurance. Not sure what else if anything should be carried mind

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I carry my insurance and exemption from registration documents. There are some other useful documents available to full members of this group in the members-only section.


@dazer2000 you can find out more about membership and trust levels here:

The documents @kvetner refers to are in #members-only - a club section which you’re well on you way to reaching :slight_smile:


Look in the categories list and you’ll see it listed.

Cheers, noticed it as soon as I posted, thanks anyway

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Morning everyone, sorry for my absence I had a meeting up at Chandelers ford last night.
Looking forwards to my full member status !
I fully unerstand why it is done as so you put the work in before getting stuff out, its unfair like most forums just let everyone access everything without working for it, some just join,steal and leave not very fair and no morals.
I have actually left forums because of un-educated people and of course keyboard warriors that know nothing but go on the attack.
Thank you again for the support looks like my printing of stufff is well on the way just want to be covered.


I have one of those this evening. At The Steel Tank Alehouse. :wink:

It was natter night mate biker meet see what and whi is doing the toy run on the 6th and 14th of december, we donate toys to kids in care and stuff every year those that possibly would not have them dam shame.
Are you droning this evening ?

My meeting is purely craft ale related. :wink:


A phrase that makes many a Yorkshireman check his wallet is still closed :wink:

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Well enjoy your drink mate sure you will, mine was widowsons related regards toy run escort for the van etc but very productive indeed.

I made my own id card using publisher


Mine arrived today only ordered yesterday.

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I carry a copy of the latest Drone Code, my insurance Evidence of Cover, a condensed operation manual for flight, and a copy of the email reply from where the CAA state that landowners do not own the airspace above their land.

I like the look of the cards you can get from eBay, my problem is that there is no information as to what they will do with the personal data they collect and if they will comply with GDPR. There is nothing on their listing whatsoever that relates to data protection or their Privacy Policy. Before collecting any data they need the individuals consent to do so. I sent them a message asking these questions last night but have not had a reply yet.

In their favour I did look at their website, their address is right at the bottom of the listing under the heading terms and conditions of the sale. If you go right to the bottom of the web page there is a link to their Privacy Policy, which does deal with GDPR. They do have some big customers like the NHS, so I guess they are a legitimate outfit, but it could be someone collecting data for some scam or other, why do they need a copy of our email from the CAA, which means we are giving away our personal information.

Yes thats is true, shame so many scams out there.

Did you forward them your CAA email?

Just to say that I personally have had soooo many people request that I send them Documents from my post in the Members Only section.
It is only right that I uphold the rules by not passing on these documents to ANY member, unless I can see that they have the correct status.
In my opinion, the more evidence you have with you that you are a serious drone flyer, (with having documents that pertain to your flying situation) it is peace of mind that you can produce these without potential confrontation.
I am sure other people’s opinion on this subject will differ.

Hey i derstand and would not expect you to in any way.
I joined the 19.95 fpv and gotten the insurance from them, have a card and downloaded printed loads.

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100 percent agree.
I am now a full member so can veiw.
Thanks so much mate truly do appreciate it and all the help.
I have insurance now as well.