What if I fly w/o app, and lose signal?

What would happen if I were to fly without fly app, joystick control only and then I turn off controller? Where would my mini 2 go?

It will perform an RYH.

Fair few videos on YT red: this

Here’s a great example


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It will do an RTH. However you just have to hope you’ve got the RTH altitude set high enough, there is nothing in the way between you and the drone and the home location, is up to date.

Yes it is nice to have this feature in an emergency situation for sure, but just to be clear, I would never fly the drone without the app in the first place, unless it is fitted with a cage and I am in a large enclosed space and I would certainly not turn off the controller deliberately, just to see what happens. Leave that to the people wiling or financially able to take such risks. The mini 2 is not a toy and certainly not cheap either, plus it comes with a camera for a reason, so you can take photos or shoot video. If it had no camera, cost about £20 then fine, but when you’ve invest hundreds in a Mini 2, why would you take the risk, even if it is designed to return to home, just to see if it will of not.


Many thanks for the response - I thought that it would RTH, just wanted to check.

yeah, point taken. I’m a noob and was just showing off to my mate in a car park - I won’t do it again.

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oo, I was tagged! Thanks for sharing ma wee video. And not to worry, all tests are carried out on a much smaller scale with full safety measures before the final video is created. Often, I use a bit of dramatic license in my narration :wink:

you do it, so we don’t have to.

Suppose you would not know if the home point has been updated ??. Let use know how you get on.

It would RTH. unless a windy day, which happened to me it will land when the batterys running out.

Then you will have to check your AIRDATA and GPS to find it

Unless you ignore and cancel the RTH like many have