What is best way to add watermark to photos

Sounds like a very strange issue to me. Only advice I can think of is this:

  1. Uninstall PS Elements, restart your PC, reinstall, try again.
  2. If the problem persists, when the dialog ‘that you cant see’ is supposed to be displayed, you can use WIN + TAB keys to show all active windows.
  3. What they mean when they say “empty display port”. Right click on your desktop and select Display Settings and check Multiple Monitors section is all correct.
But I doubt it is anything to do with this.

well it beats the crap out of me as to what’s wrong
1: tried the un/reinstall didnt work.
2: also tried win tab and alt tab… with all three screens swapped to be main display… no change.
3: definitely only tree displays listed… also no wireless.

I’ve spoken to Novatech who built the PC. the only thing they came up with was do a clean reinstall. but that is going to be a right pain in the aris. as widows is on a ssd and some program data is on secondary drives. its a lot of work to fix one program.

I’ll throw another classic IT chestnut onto the bonfire of your frustration:

Are your graphics drivers up to date?
Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling them?
Have you tried older drivers?

These are favourites when programs are doing weird shizzle graphically.

When uninstalling have you used Regedit to remove all entries for whatever you are getting rid of. Very few uninstalls clear the registry.

That’s a good suggestion, never used any reg edit stuff before but its worth a go…

thanks for the suggestion…
I have been keeping drivers up-to-date, but not tried older ones … worth seeing if i can find the original driver cd.