What is best way to add watermark to photos

Apologies if this is a duplicate of another post but I have searched for it.
I have photos to post, but I want to add a watermark first. I have done this by creating a second layer and combining them but it takes forever to do one photo. Any suggestions appreciated.

What software are you using, Charlie?

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This is what I have found to be the best solution for PS, but would apply to other editing software too no doubt. It works for watermarks and signatures. It can be automated by binding to a shortcut in PS.

Thanks for the reply…
I have photoshop elements but it fails to import correctly and Adobe can’t fixit… they say it is an incompatible graphics card / display error. it appears the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 super is not up to it, as it displays dialog box’s on display screens that don’t exist.

So I’m using canon DPP4 for editing RAW stills.
I have Darktable, but cant work out how to use it. :fearful:

Ah, I see…I haven’t had to use any of Canon’s own software for some years, and unless they’ve made big improvements, I certainly don’t envy you at all. I suspect there’s not much by way of automating workflows in there.

I don’t know Darktable, I’m afraid… but, as luck would have it, Udemy are having a Black Friday sale :wink:

“Darktable software the complete course for photo editing”

Also from Udemy: “Darktable made easy for beginners”

Have a look at Photomarks. Not free but its a one off lifetime payment.

YouTube nearly always has answers. :wink:


Have you tried making the switch to Lightroom? Fantastic for editing and has the option to sign every photo automatically on export :smiley:

If you are on Windows, you will find that Batch Watermark is unbeatable, quick, 100% free and can do hundreds at a time! Enjoy!

Have a look at Chris’ video.

There’s some discussion in the daily photo thread as well here: The Daily Photo Thread - #4516 by DeanoG60

If you want one of those signature style ones, a mega lazy and free option is https://myphotosign.com/ which will send you a PNG.

For the stuff I post on social media I import into Lightroom Mobile, crop as needed and then in the export settings you can configure the watermark, which is saved to my files folder on my phone and just tell it to use that.

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I agree canon Dpp4 is not user friendly but I also use it for other tasks like remote control and saving strait to Pc and viewing Realtime both before and after shooting.
and you are right about automation … if its got any I’ve never found it, and their help forum is not like GADC. … what I’m also trying to do is not to have to load an additional app to put in the watermark.

I might try this at that price its probably worth it.

Thanks for the link… I have just watched you YT video. very clear + easy to follow. :+1:
The video of the village and fort is also interesting with nice special effects. … not sure how you do that… but it is certainly eye catching :smiley:
PS is not the same as elements… but I can see buy working it out that all you have shown is in there, just in different categories.
The adobe issue is, if I cant see a response box that’s waiting for a tick or Y/N answer… its stops and waits for ever
Maybe I should take the last bit of Adobe advice.
they claim the fault / glitch in PS / hardware setup can be worked around by adding extra (total of 4) screens to the last display port on the graphics card… like where do I put them all? may be I shouldn’t ask… :fearful:

Thank you every one for the answers…

I’m still working me way through them… I’m bound to find one that works for me.

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Ooo … lots of info :+1:

This card is certainly up to the job! With 2GHz chip and 8GB, it is more than enough for any Adobe product, including Photoshop and Premiere. So Elements should be a breeze.

I have Elements too. If you ZIP and upload one of your RAW files, I’ll be happy to test.

I haven’t got a clue what Adobe are on about. I have a single HDMI cable running from my RTX 3090 to my monitor.

Please can you post a screengrab this dialog box?

I always find a thick black Sharpie does the trick!

Hi. that is the problem … the dialog box is not visible… if I could see them all would be good.

the main issue is:
I have camera, 3 of them Canon ( I use them all but for different things ) same problem with all cards/cameras
I mainly use a card reader or cable to upload. everything goes fine until PS gets to the point where the box normally pops up saying its done with the upload, and to you want to delete files from card. But this is the first box of many that box’s that are not visible. others fail at random… but this particular box never arrives…
I have 3 monitors 2 crappy old ones and one LG ultra HD.
they first suggested the whole pc was not capable and I should update it… then said it was the card. The Pc is well above needed spec and no other program has a problem.
their last suggestion was that the missing box’s were being sent to empty display port that is not in use… :scream: :scream: :scream:
that’s when I gave up…

note… I tried their try before buy version till it expired. this problem only started with the full version…