What is the best edit and export solutions for YouTube

I know I tried FCPX and Compressor 4.0 but now I am trying Premiere CC and output from that.
What do others do and what is the BEST in the way of editing software upto 4K and export to give you the BEST image quality within YouTube.
Please help
Many thanks

My export settings for 4k with Premiere CC are,

Render at maximum depth
Use maximum render quality
VBR 2 pass 65Mbps - 80Mbps.

I’ve tried lower bit rates but 65-80 gave me best results when uploading to YouTube and look great when viewing locally.


Fantastic…will try again when I get my NEW drone back from HobbyMount
Presume just export direct from Premiere which goes straight to the converter software.


Premiere does everything, just export and your ready to upload to YouTube.

Was it a pro or air you had?

If pro, 65Mb-80Mb VRB looks great on YouTube and for watching locally pretty much spot on.

If Air, 65Mb-80Mb VRB will be great for YouTube. At 30fps 4k they recommend 45Mbps.
If your going to watch file locally you might want to bump it up to 100Mb-120Mb.

I’m still learning premiere but came to those settings through lot of trial and error.

Some people will say higher bit rates are overkill for YouTube but it saves you exporting twice, high bit rate for local and lower for YouTube.


I use Resolve 14 (Free version) and it’s not bad. I am still learning the software. Previously used Premier Pro and it’s so good.


Youtube re-processes everything you send to it.

I use the Youtube presets in FCPX when sharing and the quality seems to be fine.


I will often save two versions, one on YT presets (if I’m going to post), and one huge, minimum compression, MP4 for local use.

Two advantages of using YT presets for posting …

  1. you optimise the upload time for the quality. No point uploading 2GB that YT processes down to 150MB.
  2. for long vids, their processing time tends to be really quick.

Some editors insist on connecting to your YT account to do this, and do the uploading … which sucks.
I want to save locally in YT preset and review before uploading myself.

If I want to share best possible quality, I still use Vimeo. Far superior, imo.

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Thanks callum, appreciate it

Another vote here for Vimeo :+1: