What mods do you have?

I’ve nearly finished my setup ready for the spring, (homebuilt using some parts from my Titan Cyclone) 2 X 3 watt boosted 14dbi and a nice bright CS ultra, because an iPad mini 4 just don’t cut it in bright sunlight. The Titan cyclone did me well and got me 5th on the long distance Mavic LB, but at distance HD was poor so I needed more signal. I’ve had a test of this setup and it performs superb.


Wow… :open_mouth:

That is by far, the biggest antenna mod I’ve ever seen!!

Impressive :smiley:

Did you mod it yourself?

Is it heavy?

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Yep, made by me, it weighs around 2000 grams, will be tripod mounted.

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I can’t tell from the photo, is it powered? If so, via the controller? Or it’s own battery?

It has a battery inside, I get about 3hr of flight time before it needs charging

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@My-Mavic-My-Rules are you still around mate?

Can you share how you boosted this to 14db gain? :+1:

Notifying @Ashmav of this thread too :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply as I totally forgot about the email notification as I was away from home. I got 2 of these antennas from eBay and removed the outer plastic casing.https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Antenna-Panel-Directional-WiFi-Router-Flat-In-Outdoor-2-4GHz-14dBi-Free-Ship/253334233988?hash=item3afbe5a384:g:jRYAAOSw8gVX2O-r
I used the parts from my Titan Cyclone ie…amps,battery,voltage meter, twist lock & quick fit connectors and made a bigger version of the cyclone and slapped on a CS & tripod mount. The pics show the difference between the tiny 9Dbi Cyclone patches and the bigger 14dbi ones I’ve installed



That’s amazing, I love it!

Thanks for the details mate :+1:

Not sure I can butcher my shiny Titan Atlas just yet though… perhaps in time… :thinking:

Jesus how did I miss this bad boy!!
Nice work chap!
Can’t believe how small the patches are compaired to yours :flushed:. This is right up my street.

I’m even tempted to get a pair of these and leave them permanently fixed in my back garden and connect them up to my atlas as I have spare female adapters to comect to. :grin:

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For the price they are well worth experimenting with. I’ve had mine apart for a rebuild today, it’s a bit bigger now lol. Can’t wait to try it out, I need to work out how to get FCC on my CS as well

Don’t suppose you’ve got an RF meter @My-Mavic-My-Rules ?

Some of us are running a custom GO4 app on the CS mate, with FCC, Google Maps (and some other tweaks) enabled - brief details here, shout if you need more info :+1:

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Nah, I don’t have an RF meter