What should I buy next?

Ok so I am not really DJI guy I prefer to pick up 2nd hand bundles off eBay and thrash them around, break them and fix them up. What should I buy next??? Profile tells you what we fly. We use 2x Taranis 9XD one is + and one is standard but needs a gimble fix on throttle stick

My Acro flying isn’t good enough to do a decent FPV 5" build with goPro yet… but we’ll get there soon!
and that’s the plan!

Diversity monitor(s) with brackets to attach to X9Ds? My 5year old is too young for fat shark goggles in my opinion so I am thinking a diversity FPV monitor mounted on one of the X9D is nice option. Anyone got any recommendations here as to what monitor would be best for both indoor and outdoor flying? mainly freestyle but mild stuff.

Alternative would be the Tinyhawk-S as its dropping in price down to a bout £80 which I don’t mind as it seems worth it for the flying we’ll get out of it. maybe even buy 2 and race them about house.

Another option would be the Taranis X-lite pro, I would only buy this new as I think its a solid purchase and the X9Ds are too big for the youngest to handle, me and my eldest prefer the X9Ds.

does anyone know of or can recommend any cams (1080P or HD quality) that I could tinker with my 85mm tiny whoop? for recording flights??? I’ll find out the flight controller from Betaflight tommorow… not sure if this is even possible but just wondering

Thanks for any advice, if there’s any better options I am interested to hear what we should be adding to our kit!! please bare in mind we usually buy in 2s or 3s as we like to race indoors etc or set each other challenges