What unit are the wind strength measurements on a DJI Mini 2SE?

I was wondering about the wind ratings used in drone specs. I’m assuming they are an indication of the strength of wind a GPS drone can hold position in, for example my DJI Mini 2SE is claimed to be able to fly at 38kph, and is rated for wind strength 5. But what does the 5 refer to? Force 5 Beaufort? Not miles or kilometres ph; I proved this evening that it is quite happy in winds of a out 12mph (Cardiff Bay on the windward side with a reasonable ‘fetch’), and took it up to 100m where it was no doubt stronger; it coped without complaint.

Or is this some other scale, perhaps a DJI thing or do other manufacturers use it as well?

The maximum wind speed resistance of DJI Mini 2 SE is 10.7 m/s (Level 5). *Wind resistance is dependent upon propulsion. In strong winds, due to the lightweight nature of the drone, slight vibration is expected. High-powered propulsion ensures the drone hovers stably or returns to home safely.

There’s more on Google.

Its the Beaufort Wind Scale …


Ok, tx, that makes sense. I’m used to Beaufort, having been brought up in a seafaring family.

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