What version of Pix4D do you use?

What version of Pix4D do you use? I am a bit confused about the different packages they have. I am planning ot help a client do aerial mapping of power lines and the surrounding trees in a power line corridor. Do you know what version is suitable for capturing this? Cheers

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I’ve moved your question over here @KayKay as the ensuing answers are likely to take the original thread way off topic :blush:

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So for your power line stuff I think you’ll want pix4dmapper. Don’t bother with desktop app you’ll be there forever processing it! Just get Pix4Dcapture capture on your drone tablet/mobile, select the area to 3D map, I’d recommend a small corridor along the power line but wide enough to give the software a chance to 3D model it. Fly the mission then upload your data to a project from the tablet/mobile in the app. Or if it doesn’t have internet offload them on pc and upload via the web interface to Pix4Dcapture.

Then the cloud software will crunch them into a 3D model which you can view online and share to client or export to something else like GIS.

Hope that helps?


I should add, you can get a free trial on pix 4d.

After that there are two subscriptions you might want, mapper (about £200 a month) or modeller (£30 a month).

Mapper is the only one which gives you a proper GPS Rectified map. Modeller just makes a 3D model.


That’s excellent advice! Thanks a lot, I have a much clearer picture of how to proceed.
Thank You so much