What video player?

I thought to share my experience with the 4k recordings.

This is my set up to play all my recordings from my drone (and not only):

Nvidia shield
Plex server
Synology NAS

Instead of shield any device capable of running plex server.

So… I upload my videos to the NAS and plex gets the directory of the folders. The beauty of the plex is transcoding, in this way I can play my videos anywhere on any device with plex client available.

If you interested please let me know and I would be happy to answer all questions how this is done.


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looks interesting

I’ve been a Plex fan for more years than I can remember… came from XBMC prior to that, and from Microsoft MCE even before then :blush:

It’s a fantastic bit of kit, it’s great being able to watch half a TV show or film on the TV down stairs, hit stop, then turn on the TV in the bedroom and literally carry on where it left off.

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