What's it all about?

Ok ladies and gents need some help here!
Quote from light of my life…“I cannot understand why anyone would want to stand in a muddy field on a cold January day and take.pictures of…muddy fields!”
I have tried,reluctantly, to let her have a go. Not interested. “I have better things to do than play with toys”!!
How can I explain the thrill of watching my drone zip up and down my muddy field,marvelling at how quickly it can soar way up high.
So what exactly is the driving force and reasoning that makes it fun??
Why do you do it??
Give me something to convince her. Lol
Best regards

She’s a woman (your f****ed) speaking from experience.

I my case my other half wasn’t to keen, until I got FPV (DJI goggles) she puts them on and I fly about. She likes looking at things from a different prospective.


Haha. Thanks for input sharkbait.

The only way she would wear goggles is if they picked up emmerdale,enders and corrie lol


That’s just woman for you.

I get it all the time.

Why do we need to wait for 4k version? Why can’t we just watch it on dvd?

Whats the point of having a bike when you can just drive?

What’s the point of buying surround sound when the TV has speakers?

£1000 for a toy drone!! But then happy when I buy her a £300 hair dryer.


Yep all true!
Wow!that must be the Dyson super dry. I’d be happy with one of those… lol


Money solves all problems. (Well some)

I just chucked a grand at my missus when I got my Mavic, her response, “That’s nice dear”

To be fair though, she has booked us a week in the lakes this summer for me to spend some quality time with her (my drone that is).


Wouldn’t worry about trying to convince her, just make the most of the free time if she’s not interested in tagging along

See you there

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Asperger’s means I’m crap at my own relationships … giving advice to others would be somewhere between suicide and hilarious! :wink:


Your right JonD but ‘free time’ has to be paid for eventually! Lol

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Very true, don’t we know it !

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did You just show her the muddy fields then. Just show her some cool holiday videos from beautiful places. maybe then she`d understand. My wife is not in to drones but she loves some of my clips (not muddy fields) :wink:

Err yeah…
In hindsight probably not the best opening gambit to promote the pleasure and enjoyment of the hobby.
Well spotted Siwyleeds.
Back to the drawing board :thinking:

Wife/significant other/she who must be obeyed? Don’t have one those (knew there must be an advantage somewhere). I can stand in all the muddy fields I want for as long as I want and only worry when I wake up in hospital with pneumonia and find some sod has had it away with my drone! :smiley:


I told the mrs I was going to make a fortune on Youtube with stunning drone footage.
So far, I’ve got about half a dozen subscribers and an average of 100 views. :kissing_closed_eyes:
I’ve told her not to book the round the world cruise just yet.


Righr. I think You’ve missed my point here mate. I’m not sure if You’re new into drones. But looking at your first post it looks like you’re enjoying most just flying it an seeing it accelerating, going quicky up and down and similar stuff. Don’t get me wrong. I was the same 4 years ago when i build my first drone but just ying it around over the field got boring after about a month. The real pleasure starts once you get your filming techniques right. When You’ll start going to nice places. Taking those cool clips. Putting them together with some nice music to tell your story. Then the hobby starts being really exciting. If i was not into drones and You’d take me to the field to convince me like ayou did with your wife I’d say BOORING and grow up (no offence. Like i said Ive been there). My wife was exactly the same when i got into droning and she couldn’t understand the point of flying it around. When i got my first phantom 3 and i did put together my first clip from the coal power station she was just blown away. Since then she understnds the potential and she’s supporting me with my hobby

Hi Siwyleeds
Well don’t known if I have been admonished,advised or lectured! Probably all three! :wink::grin:.

I think I do understand what you are saying and yes I am new to the hobby.

When I got my,very basic,Drone, it was not with the intention of making amazing films but more a case of learning to control something to a good level of competence. Basically,I guess,man against machine.
So yes I do get a lot of pleasure from zipping up and down the park and watching the craft respond to my input and learning how to make it better.
The fact that it has a basic camera on it is a bonus. And when I have found my ‘legs’ I will venture into making vids. In the meantime I will be saving hard for a real machine! :blush:
Appreciate your comments
Best regards

Although I sincerely hope you stay away from hospitals.:blush:

Hi Skorp.
Now when You told me the whole story it looks a bit different. For some reason I thought we’re talking about dji drones. Maybe I’ve missed something in this thread. Anyway. In this case I think It will be very difficult to convince your wife to your hobby. Most of women don’t get rc cars , helicopters etc. so You’ve got the tough one :wink:
It was pleasure talking with You and Good Luck