When's the right time to sell and upgrade

My first drone Mavic Pro, I have used for well over 12 months and has been awsome i still love to fly and video/photo scenes. Never a problem with the drone at all.

Saying that, when’s the right time to sell and upgrade?
So many new features to consider. Is it worth upgrading to latest dji models or continue with the old spec.
What I am trying to say is, is it worth it?

“When’s the right time to sell and upgrade”

Usually the day after you actually do. That’s when all the new models and discounts are announced. :wink:

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Seems like a good reason to keep it. But. like so many of us, you are seduced by the hyped up reports of the new shiny.

Only you can say if the new wonder features will enhance your life by the equivalent of the money you will lose by buying the shiny. Almost invariably the batteries, case and accessories of the now dull old shiny will not fit the bright new shiny so you need to buy the fly more combo, another aftermarket case, filters, strobes etc.

Of course it is. Until the CE marked version comes out. Or the upgraded model. Or another model in the line up …

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If you’ve modded your MP (and if not why not) is it really worth selling?

I’ve kept mine as my main go to drone, fly anywhere without restrictions, 3 years old 80 ish flight hours and 800 odd KM without missing a beat.

I’d probably get max £400 for it, so not worth selling, only major issue I see moving forward is getting new batteries for it should the need arise.

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For me its as soon as the next generation of the model I want comes out. Thats about your best bet for being on the latest kit for the longest!

Maybe look at the price of the new drone you want - minus the cash you’d get from selling your old drone = the difference you need to pay to upgrade?

If the difference is worth the upgrade to you, go for it!

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I blame cookies for this!

Always guarantee the day after you will get a discount code emailed to you.

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If you buy a new toilet cistern you can guarantee you will be bombarded over the next six months with ads for toilet cisterns as you are obviously a collector of sanitaryware …


I’ve been wondering lately why so many people are already selling Mavic 2’s. I have reached the following conclusions.

  1. All the talk about legislation is scaring them away from flying a drone.
  2. No matter what model of drone (above the minimum weight) you buy, it will be a legacy machine in 2 years time if the rule changes actually take place unless someone starts making CE machines.
    So I would say don’t upgrade unless you really have to, like your old one has melted or you really need the improvements which the new one offers.
    Consider this. If you intend flying legally, don’t we all, you won’t be able to do much with a legacy drone in 2 years time and they won’t be worth much second hand. So run it into the ground and make sure it doesn’t owe you anything when the sad day comes.
    If you’re a bad person, the older machines came with less memory than the new ones so the gave you the facility to delete old data. The newer ones don’t have that, so everything you ever did is there for eternity. And, maybe, big brother is in there reading it!!! I bet Donald Trump wouldn’t buy a new Chinese drone, LOL

Cracking thought process, my mp1 still works great, so think i will just hang on and run it into the groun… err sky

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A modded MP1 is still the best DJI thing you can have in my opinion

Always and never! My first was a Tello which I upgraded to the Air. Worth it? 100%. The Air became a 2 zoom for a few weeks, then quickly a 2 Pro. Worth it? Yes, but less so. The feature set leap made it worthwhile. Things like longer flight time, better signal, reduced noise, 10 bit video were all great upgrades but by God I miss a drone that fits in my coat pocket and never needed focusing! I take a backpack out now rather than at worst a little flight bag or more often no bag at all.

For me, the next upgrade comes with the next change in the law. What I have right now is all the drone I need. Once it’s edging toward being non compliant then I’ll look to change.

But if you’ve got the cash and you just want to then go for it.