Where can I buy DJI Mavic Air batteries?

Hi guys,

DJI have discontinued the Mavic Air. They don’t sell batteries for this anymore. Anybody knows where we can get one?

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Battery upgrade or helipal

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Wont ship to UK ;o(

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Ebay is probably your best bet

HELIGUY or drones direct. I’m sure both of those do approved used aswell.

Both OOS

Unfortunately this is an all too common scenario. The Mavic Air was released in January of 2018 and by mid 2019 had been designated an End Of Life (EOL) product by DJI.

This was a response one purchaser received from DJI when he tried ordering a Mavic Air direct from DJI’s Online Shop back in November of 2019.

Today Nov. 1st, I got another email from DJI, this time with this info:
"We regret to inform you that the Mavic Air Fly More Combo (Flame Red) in your order is an end-of-life product, which means that the production was discontinued. Would you mind canceling the order or part of the order and getting a refund? "

The sad fact of the matter is in this day and age when you hand money over for an electronic device that is reliant on continuous support from the manufacturer (e.g. firmware and/or software updates, consumables such as proprietary batteries), you don’t own the product but rather you’re leasing it until such a time that the manufacturer says “No more”.

We often hear that the cost of advanced consumer electronics has never been as low as it is today. But is this really true when you have to part with upwards of a £1,000 every 12 to 18months so you can stay airborne? I’m not a particularly money orientated person but at the same time I do want to feel I’m getting value on the things I buy. I’m even struggling to see the value of the Mini2 Fly More package I purchased at a heavily discounted price a few months ago. So much so that I’ve ended up giving it to a friends teenage son on an indefinite loan basis. He gets value for money because it costs him nothing, and in return I’m happy it is bringing him pleasure.