Where can I fly in West Cornwall

Hi folks, I’m a drone newbie looking for spots in West Cornwall where I can fly?

I’m a little confused with all the new drone regulations so any advice would be really helpful.

Welcome - this will show you where to fly responsibly - al the recommended sites have been flown and documented by GADC members with new sites being regularly added:


Where To Fly Your Drone in the UK

Find places to fly your Drone (UAV) in the UK and share your favourite flying locations with other hobbyists pilots.

and this one helps you work out what restrictions you have on distances from people and things - and how a training course will help :slight_smile:


Good 2 Go - Can I fly my drone here?

Take this short Q&A to determine whether you can fly your drone under particular circumstances.

Thank macspite. I’ve looked at the dronescene map and from what I can work out I can fly at the spots that are not highlighted right?

Ok, very quick answer for the moment. Dronescene has a menu bar running down the right-hand side, The top icon allows you to switch layers on and off.

The layers show various things I have added a link below the screenshot so you can play with the layers and click on areas to find out what the descriptions say

The map is set to satellite view

The irregular purple areas are Crown Estate land - mainly foreshore - responsible flying welcomed

Top left yellow circle is a hazard, in this case a High Intensity Radio Transmission Area (also a small blue shape inside rge circle - the military facility that generates the HIRTA Flying not advised

Coronavirus shape on the tight is an airport - Goodwood - showing Flying restriction zone and runway extensions. Flying can possibly be arranged by contacting airfield Air Traddic Control.

Green dots are recommended sites to fly, each one has been written up bt a GADC member,

Open up the Dronecene link, zoom in and out of the map, switch off a lot of the layers and click on anything clickable. You’ll soon find out how easy it is!


Thanks Macspite,

I really appreciate your help.

As I’m a newbie and have a drone over 500g
I am worried about where I can use it and even take of from as this falls into the a3 category and it seems quite limited.

Do I need to find someone who owns land that I can practice on or can I just find public land that I can practice on?

I use public land. I also try and look relaxed, smile at passers-by and reply politely to questions. If they seem particularly interested then I’ll show them the screen - turning the drone round so they can wave at the camera and see themselves waving on the phone or tablet is always a favourite.

But most times I’m not bothered by other people. They tend to ignore me.

If you ever do find a private landowner to let you fly then you should treaasure them! You could try suggesting that if you fly over their land regularly you would be able to spot things that aren’t as they should be - gates left open, strange vehicles parked in odd spots, vegetation and crops looking unhealthy …

Good luck!

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