Where I can fly my drone in/near Glasgow

I went out to a local park in Glasgow I have 2 DJI Mavic’s I have a Mavic Mini which Police seized so I went and bought the Mavic Air 2 so was in the park I had my civil aviation registering with me as drone was over 250g so was in park with my friend within 45 mins the police had been called By someone in the park with there dog I was told by the superintendent on the mobile phone he told me if you want to fly a drone in Glasgow City you will get your drone seized he said that as a drone flyer himself said I would have to take it outside the City of Glasgow etc Balloch is a good place but who would like to come with me? I might learn something lol :joy:

Where to begin?

First, I’m pretty sure the police in Scotland can only seize your drone if they wish to use it as evidence. If you weren’t charged with anything, you can go and ask for it back. If they refuse, ask under what power it was seized.

Second, Glasgow City Council do have rules for parks, and can expel you from a park if you are causing annoyance or using “an article likely to cause injury or damage”. The police can’t expel you on their own, not under those rules anyway. It must be a council officer.

Third, the police can take action if you are flying a drone within 150m of a “congested area” or 50m of people, buildings, vehicles etc, which will be difficult to avoid in most city parks (and impossible to avoid if the park is busy). It might be worth trying Pollok Park at a quiet time of day, though.


Also you cannot fly within 5km of the airport …that covers a lot of parks out there to the west…

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Just out of interest, which park was it?

Thanks for your information :information_source: it has helped :+1:

It was elder park in Govan at early morning

Elder Park is a small park surrounded by a built up area, in fact from the middle of the park it’s only 135m to the road at it’s nearest point, plus you are just outside Glasgow FRZ. As has been said, probably easier and less hassle just to go fly somewhere more open and away from the city.

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Yeah I found a nice place just outside Glasgow place called Gartcosh a lot of open space once your out the village thanks again for all the information happy flying folks


I know that Glasgow has a congested are basically a no fly zone or can I get a nice are just near Balloch or the Campsie Glen could some people let me know good places to go as I’m sick of flying in one place help please but when you do a NATS check or an app or program u use you can fly in Balloch but you still have ground hazards near Balloch Park as it recreational park which I believe comes under a under a congested area but I’m sure if you have your Competency exam

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Also, take a look at …

Totally new to all things drones but plan to buy a DJI mini 3 or mini 2 but have a question re where I can fly in and around Glasgow.

I’ve seen the big Flight Restriction Zone red circle encompassing Glasgow city centre but then I see some folks on here posting wonderful video from their sub 250g drones flying over city centre, Clydeside and Pacific key and the like.

Obviously they would be places I’d like to fly- so what am I not understanding?

Sorry if I’m missing the obvious or if this has been addressed elsewhere

There is no Flight Restriction Zone over Glasgow city centre, it’s that simple. Where did you see that?

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In Drone Scene
Uncheck the tickboxes for DJI zones and Class D


Thanks the drone assist app was showing:

Forget drone assist :wink:

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Thanks mate

Turn off class D airspace its irrelevant to drone flyers (and use our own DroneScene)

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Done :+1:t2:

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