Where to fly drone Dundee and Angus

Where can I fly my drone Dundee/Angus also can I fly drone at the beach

Where have you looked so far @trig ?

Brand new to drone flying having difficulty finding areas to fly in my area.

Have you checked https://dronescene.co.uk/ ?

Plenty of recommended places in there and you can contribute when you find new ones too :wink:


@trig Any particular beach you’re thinking of? Obviously, most of Dundee is in a Flight Restriction Zone. And sadly, the City Council have a policy against drones, which is a shame. Broughty Ferry beach ought to be a reasonable option, I’d have thought, so long as it’s not too windy. Or are any of the golf courses out of use?

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Been in contact with the crown office any of the beaches okay to fly don’t need permission

Just avoid these bits bit of beach

And note that Crown Estate Scotland only own about half the foreshore around Scotland - they don’t own every beach. Don’t let that stop you, just something to note. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be an online map showing what they do and don’t own.

Hi trig and all

Just got my first drone and also live just outside broughty ferry. How have you got on flying your drone as I’m also looking for nice open places to try and had thought about broughty beach. I’m nervous about breaking rules so far I have done the test and registered my drone and it’s all marked up. It’s a mini 2. So far I have all the apps but couldn’t find anything on councils site about them
Not liking drones?

Hi, I contacted crown estates in Scotland you can fly on any foreshore in Scotland we have general right of access to all beaches and foreshore so we don’t need a permit for access to crown foreshore.
We’re allowed to fly a drone on Scotland’s national forest and land as long as we follow the CAA guidelines including the drone code.
I fly on the Monifieth foreshore opposite the caravan park beside Barry Buddon when it’s better weather going to try out tentsmuir forest in Tayport only issue there is you need to be aware of the no fly zone at Leuchars. Hope this helps

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One thing to remember, the foreshore is only the area between high and low water marks.

Thanks for the replies much appreciated looking forward to getting some beach shots at sunset.