Where to fly first time Wells, Somerset area

Hi all, just got a Mavic Air. Wheres a good place to try it out? First time flyer. Wells, Somerset area or within 30 miles or so.



@McSteamy2010 and I both live North Petherton way.

There are some locations over at Drone Scene - Where can I fly my drone in the UK? - Drone Scene (you will need to login with your username from this site)

I’ve only started a week ago - so not yet discovered many places - but I’m sure that @McSteamy2010 has been to some closer to Wells.

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Also might be an easier list at Search results for 'somerset category:17' - Grey Arrows Drone Club UK - I think it is similar to the map, but might be quicker to scan through…

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Hi Trevor, welcome to the club :handshake:

Somerset has some stunning sites to fly and as Ian has said just check out Dronescene. For your first flight though stay local, somewhere you know, just an empty field. Play around with settings, get used to the controls and just enjoy the views. Even random fields can produce amazing photos. This was a random layby stop and fly purely to catch the sunset.
Sometimes you don’t need to think to hard or travel to far for the best shots. Just go up! Wells has some stunning sites but I’m sure some restricted ones too so make sure to check before you fly. :+1:

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Many thanks for the replies! :slight_smile:

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