Where to fly in Halton

Hi all, just purchased my first drone mavic air 2 and wondering what the best apps are for finding where you can and can’t fly.
Thanks in advance.


Welcome to GADC, tell us a little more about yourself and I’ll move your post over to Introductions.

As for your question, look no further than our very own

Click the hamburger icon, top right and click DroneScene, you will be automatically logged in


Hi Tony welcome to GADC. As Chris has said Drone Scene is fantastic. Not only does it show you where you can and can’t fly, it also has pins dropped by other members on recommended places to fly where you can get some great photos or videos. You can also add pins yourself if you find new places in your area to recommend to other members :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, thank you for the reply, I am a keen landscape photographer who is looking to take a plunge into the world of aerial photography, I’ve seen some amazing results so far and keen to learn more.
And expand my knowledge.


Thank you so much, I will check this out.

Thank you, so confusing for a newbie, I will check this out ASAP.
Looking forward to sharing my first footage.

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Welcome Tony. You’re definitely in the right place. Any advice you need just ask 9 times out of 10 somebody here will have the answers you’re looking for. :+1:t2:


Just a quick ? I am off to the isle of skye at some point when this lockdown lifts, where does the 400ft height limit apply?

Everywhere , like the rest of the UK

*remember it’s above ground level (AGL)


Where are you based usually @Tonyrc1702?

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Thanks for that, I thought it mat of been but was a little unsure

In halton

I’m the same Tony so this Christmas I’m taking the plunge so any tips about getting better photographs and videos would be a big help :+1:

Is that halton near lancaster or the area halton I.e widnes and that?

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Yes it is, not too many places to venture tbf