Where to fly in Lake district ?

Hi .I am new member I have a question about flying and recording footage near Helvellyn in Lake district ,I was found this place is out of National trust area on the map ,am I right ? So It is possible without trouble ??

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Helvellyn is not in National Trust land.


Thanks. so I can fly without a trouble I hope :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link :slight_smile:


Hi All,

I’m a Newbie to the Club having just purchased a DJI Mini 3. We’re holidaying in the Lake District soon (near Keswick) and was just wanting some tips where I can fly legally to catch some of the magnificent scenery the area has to offer. Looks a bit of a minefield with SSSI’s, National Trust Property etc…

Many thanks in anticipation…

There are lots of recommendations of places to fly your drone on the Drone Scene map @Chunkyis