Which audio formats can be imported to DJI Fly?

Been using the fly app editor for video without issue except for importing music from device, I pad mini. Tracks ripped from cd’s WMA format then converted to MP3. The app always says format not supported. Anyone know what formats are supported? I have looked in the search bar to no avail.

It supports mp3. first open the mp3 file in files > Open in Other App > More, you should be able to find DJI Fly in Suggestions. After that, the file will be imported to the DJI Fly app.

If OP is on Android.

I’ve read DJIFLY has issues with any DRM protected files


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I have carried out your suggested procedure which works fine until the mp3 music file arrives at the fly app at which point I get the un supported file type prompt! Tried it many times from different directions but with same result. There’s a word or phrase for repeating the same action and expecting a different result …… I am there. My word begins with F# . Beginning to think as suggested , that there’s some encryption thing going on? Shame, as the editor does what I need except for the music issue. Will keep trying! Thanks chaps.

Try one of the files from here


They are all royalty free and should carry no DRM


I have just tried this Chris and it works for me :+1:


Yipeee! That worked :smiley:

Ureeka! Important discovery adding my music. I missed an important step in the process. When the mp3 files are added to a folder on tablet it is necessary to “drag drop” the music into the fly app folder. It then appears in local music storage in the app and can be used! My computer skills are very limited, but I would guess if its not done that way the fly app doesn’t know where to look to find what you want. Works for me baby…

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